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Joe Thompson, the chief executive officer of Virgin Holidays, can’t recall who exactly cooked up the idea of getting the band out to Antigua to re-release Come Back Darling as a potential Christmas number one – and lure tourists back to the region. But it stemmed from an urgent need to intervene and prevent a natural disaster evolving into an economic one. “Sure, this is quirky, and off-the-wall, but we needed something that would cut through the rolling news coverage about devastation in the Caribbean,” he says. “The island nations of the Caribbean have gone through a very challenging hurricane season in 2017, but the blanket media coverage of Hurricane Irma and Maria for days on end after they struck in September has left a misconception that much larger parts of the Caribbean were affected more than they were. Most of our properties were unaffected and are fully open, but they’re seeing reduced bookings.”

So when I received the opportunity to taste Red Red Wine, with the singer of Red Red Wine, while listening to "Red Red Wine," I was elated.

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